Having owned the A7 for few months now I finally got the chance to use it in anger (not really), on a recent trip to Israel. (more…)

Reaching for the moon

Shooting for the moon

Some time ago I picked up a Pentax 80-200 f/4.5-5.6 zoom with the intention of capturing the moon. At £16 on eBay I fully expected the lens to be rubbish, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s probably the worst lens I’ve ever come across, and I sold my Pentax gear before I got around to even attempting a moon shot, but since I had a PK to E mount adapter lying around I thought I’d give the lens a go on the Sony A7.

Well, the lens is still awful, but the shot above is a 100% crop from the A7’s 24mp sensor, and there’s a fair amount of detail. Now that I’ve at least taken a somewhat useful image with it, I can put in away and out of mind.

Legacy lenses – 50mm

Sony a7 with legacy lenses

I recently came across the Sony A7 image thread on Fred Miranda forums and noticed that may of the guys over there are shooting with a wide variety of legacy glass from likes of Leica, Ziess, Minolta, Canon, Nikon, and Olympus. Not wanting to sell a kidney in order to be able to afford some of the more exotic range finder lenses, I decided to take a look at some cheaper alternatives. (more…)

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